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2015 Events

We have a great series of events coming up and we keep adding on, so do check regularly! See when our book groups are meeting and what they're reading and meet our many visiting authors - there really is something for everyone. And if you can't make it to the event, just send us an email or give us a call and we can get a book signed for you - no problem!

Plaid Friday!  

Friday, November 27
Plaid Friday!

Plaid is the new Black!!

We at White Birch Books see a Black Friday and we want it to turn Plaid! Friday, Nov. 27 is the biggest shopping day of the year. Corporate retailers have dubbed it Black Friday, but we encourage you to think outside the big box and make it a Plaid Friday, a way of celebrating independents. Stop by White Birch Books in North Conway Village on Friday, November 27th and notice our plaid attire for a 10% discount or better yet, put on your own plaid garb and receive 20% off!

White Birch Books  

Saturday, November 28
Small Business Saturday

Shop Small at White Birch Books! This weekend is all about shifting your shopping and supporting local, independent stores. This year, be sure to stop in our quirky, local, indie bookstore but also visit other local businesses you love right here in North Conway Village. Do it for the community you call home, and for the money that can stay in the neighborhood when we all Shop Small!

Cats on the Job  

Saturday, December 5 at 3pm
Author Afternoon with LISA ROGAK, author of Cats on the Job

True Tales of the Cuddliest Coworkers

Around the world, there are cats earning their keep. Some are mousers, like Princess, a black cat who works at Mill Ridge Farm’s stables. Some are circus performers, like Tuna and her furry friends in The Amazing Acro-Cats. And some are even politicians, like Mayor Stubbs, an orange tabby who holds office in Talkeetna, Alaska.

In Lisa Rogak’s Cats on the Job, we meet these and other whiskered workers who keep their human colleagues company from 9 to 5-with the occasional break for a nap or a belly rub-and make every day at the office better.

Lisa Rogak is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 40 books. Her works have been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Parade Magazine, USA Today, Family Circle, and hundreds of other publications, and she has appeared on Oprah. A few years back, the Vail Daily said she’s written “the most absurd selection of books known to man”.

Lisa grew up in Glen Rock, New Jersey, and spent most of the 1980s living in New York City. In 1988, she headed north and landed in New Hampshire and spent two decades there before hitting the road full-time. After spending time in Central America, Norway, Spain, Panama, Scotland, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and a variety of Caribbean islands, she headed back to New Hampshire to happily settle back down.

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Rocket and James are Locked In  

Saturday, December 12 at 11am
A morning with CHRISTINE ALBERT, author of Rocket and James are Locked In

Rocket and James are Locked In is the first book in the series of two seventh grade best friends and their adventures.

In this first book we meet David, whose friends call him “Rocket”, who is in the seventh grade at Grover Regional Middle and Elementary School. It is the last day of classes before April vacation and he and his best friend, a girl named James, are very excited. Suddenly they find themselves Locked In! the school.

This novel for middle readers is told in alternating narrative by two seventh graders, Rocket and James. Join them for a whole week of adventures and their clumsy attempts to escape.

The author, Christine Albert, lives with her family and a multitude of dogs in New Hampshire. She is a doctor (but not a real one) and a counselor in private practice.

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White Mountain Poems  

Saturday, December 12 at 3pm & Sunday, December 13 at 11am
A morning & afternoon of poetry with JEFFREY ZYGMONT, author of White Mountain Poems

White Mountain Poems concentrates the beauty, mystery and allure of New England’s high peaks in an art book. The 41 new poems collected here create a lasting literary tribute to the mountains. The accompanying photographs evoke the same awe and admiration that the poems express, and that we all experience each time we encounter the Whites.

The book’s creators, poet Jeffrey Zygmont, with photographers A. Garrett Evans, Ed Harrigan, Jim Salge and Jeff Sinon, know the White Mountains from their own avid adventures and activities. Through the inspired words and stirring pictures in White Mountain Poems, they share with you their wonder and enthusiasm for the region.

Whether as a keepsake for yourself, or a gift for a hiker, skier, traveler, or other enthusiast and adventurer, White Mountain Poems extends your enjoyment and appreciation of New Hampshire’s extraordinary peaks into literature and art, through descriptive poetry and riveting photography that inspires, entertains and captivates.

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The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball   Saturday, December 19 at 2pm
Author Afternoon with ELIZABETH ATKINSON, author of The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball

The charming, funny story of Ruby LaRue, an eleven-year-old girl with an enthusiastic zest for life, and her shy, brilliant friend, Eleanor Bandaranaike.

Ruby and Eleanor live in the quaint town of Paris, New Hampshire, located at the base of Sugar Mountain, an exclusive ski resort in the White Mountains. Every winter, Paris comes alive with “Outers,” wealthy families from out of town who own ski condos and wear designer clothes, luxuries that Ruby and Eleanor (and most of the year-round residents of Paris) can’t afford.
One December day, Ruby and Eleanor stumble across Madame Magnifique, the “World’s Most Divine Psychic,” who urges them to unlock their deepest dreams. Ruby has always longed to mingle with the Outers and now, more than ever, she is determined to make that dream come true.

As a chain of events unfolds over the winter months, both girls find themselves on a journey of self-discovery that includes unlikely friendships, crushes, profits, secrets, and a surprise ending!
A relevant story in today’s world – exploring cross-cultural sensitivities and diversity within a classic New England microcosm – The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball questions the role of destiny and the ability we all have to achieve that which seems impossible.

Born in Rhode Island, followed by a few early years in North Carolina, Elizabeth grew up in a classic New England village —and spent blissful weeks each summer in North Lovell, Maine where her grandparents had a cottage and beach on Kezar Lake. She’s enormously proud of her two young adult children, Nathaniel & Madeleine and her husband, Erik (who runs his own cool company and the Hot Chocolate motorcycle gang.)

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