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2015 Events

We have a great series of events coming up and we keep adding on, so do check regularly! See when our book groups are meeting and what they're reading and meet our many visiting authors - there really is something for everyone. And if you can't make it to the event, just send us an email or give us a call and we can get a book signed for you - no problem!

Cliff Walking  

Sunday, September 13, 7 pm
Cold River Radio Show live with Stephen Russell Payne , author of Cliff Walking at Theater in the Woods. Tickets are $25 on sale at White Birch Books.

The Cold River Radio Show is a quintessential old-time radio show featuring exclusively New England based artists, performers, authors and storytellers. We’re selling tickets at the store and we’ll be selling books at the show for Vermont author STEPHEN PAYNE, who will be talking about his new book, CLIFF WALKING.
Set on the rocky and at times unforgiving coast of Maine, Payne’s emotionally powerful debut novel shares a poignant tale of loss and love that weaves together the lives of three desperate people who struggle mightily to find a way to save each other.

Kate Johnson is a recovering addict from California, married to a cunning, cruel man named Leland Johnson. When she gathers the strength to escape her hellish life, she leaves with her bright, artistic twelve-year-old son, Stringer, crossing Canada as stowaways on a freight train. They eventually find their way to Winter’s Cove, a provincial town on the coast of Maine.

Francis Monroe is a famous Maine seascape artist whose wife died windsurfing on the bay in front of their bungalow the year before, after losing her battle with breast cancer. Emotionally paralyzed since her death, Francis has been haunted both by her loss and his subsequent inability to paint. When Stringer appears at Francis’s bungalow, the meeting triggers events that dramatically alter the course of their lives.

Thrust into a life-threatening altercation, Stringer is forced to take action, and ends up facing felony charges. As Stringer and his loved ones do battle with the local sheriff and the politically aspiring state’s attorney, the citizens of Winter’s Cove have to navigate their own deep-seated prejudices, their beliefs about family and community, and the painful necessity to reexamine justice in their town.

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WENDY SAND ECKEL, author of MURDER AT BARCLAY MEADOWS   Saturday, September 11, 6 p.m.

We are very pleased to be hosting Wendy Sand Eckel as she has a connection with the bookstore – her sister Stacy Sand worked here for many years! This should be a fun night celebrating a new author and enjoying a family reunion of sorts.

In Murder at Barclay Meadow, Rosalie Hart's world has been upended. After her husband confesses to an affair, she exiles herself to her late aunt's farmhouse on Maryland's Eastern Shore. With its fields untended and the house in disrepair, Barclay Meadow couldn't be more different than the tidy D.C. suburb she used to call home. Just when Rosalie feels convinced things couldn't get any worse, she finds a body floating in her marsh grasses. When the sheriff declares the death an accident, she becomes suspicious. The dead girl, Megan, reminds her of her own daughter, who has recently gone off to college, and she feels a responsibility to find out the truth.

Rosalie confides her doubts to her friends in her creative writing class, and they ask to join her investigation, beginning the search in earnest. Meanwhile, Rosalie works on restoring Barclay Meadow to its former glory-with help from the rugged Tyler Wells, a farmer who once leased the land. When Rosalie discovers her aunt's favorite bread recipe on a yellowed index card, she begins baking, and with her deep love for nourishing others rekindled, she starts to feel alive again. But as she zeroes in on the truth about what happened to Megan, she begins getting ominous threats. Determined to get justice for Megan and protect the new home she's begun to build for herself, Rosalie races to catch the killer.

Eckel is a psychotherapist who lives in Annapolis, Maryland, where she enjoys her family, multiple pets, and life on the water.

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ETCHED IN GRANITE: A Historical Novel   Saturday, September 26, 3 pm
An afternoon event with MJ PETTENGILL, author of ETCHED IN GRANITE: A Historical Novel

The year is 1872. The Civil War has ended, leaving behind a nation torn and economically depressed. Etched in Granite is a harrowing account of life and death on a rural New England Poor Farm – a tragic, yet triumphant novel that tells a story of courage, survival, and secrets surrounding lost love.

The story is narrated by the three principal characters: Abigail, a young woman facing unimaginable hardship when agonizing circumstances and betrayal lead to life on the Poor Farm; Nellie, an Abenaki elder and healer enduring great loss while exhibiting resilience during a time of social, racial, and religious intolerance; and Silas, a spirited farm boss illuminating the conflicts of balancing a position of authority with his personal life while navigating small town politics.

Their unforgettable stories are carefully woven together to reveal a hidden part of America’s somber past.

The novel was inspired by the author's discovery of a pauper cemetery in New Hampshire where there are 298 numbered graves. It is her mission to give voices to those silenced, to evoke images where they have been erased, and to replace the numbers with names.

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JEFFREY ZYGMONT, author of White Mountain Poems   Sunday, September 27, 4 pm
An afternoon of poetry with JEFFREY ZYGMONT, author of White Mountain Poems

White Mountain Poems concentrates the beauty, mystery and allure of New England’s high peaks in an art book. The 41 new poems collected here create a lasting literary tribute to the mountains. The accompanying photographs evoke the same awe and admiration that the poems express, and that we all experience each time we encounter the Whites.

The book’s creators, poet Jeffrey Zygmont, with photographers A. Garrett Evans, Ed Harrigan, Jim Salge and Jeff Sinon, know the White Mountains from their own avid adventures and activities. Through the inspired words and stirring pictures in White Mountain Poems, they share with you their wonder and enthusiasm for the region.

Whether as a keepsake for yourself, or a gift for a hiker, skier, traveler, or other enthusiast and adventurer, White Mountain Poems extends your enjoyment and appreciation of New Hampshire’s extraordinary peaks into literature and art, through descriptive poetry and riveting photography that inspires, entertains and captivates.

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