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2019 White Birch Bookstore Events

We have a great series of book store events coming up and we keep adding on, so do check regularly! See when our book groups are meeting and what they're reading and meet our many visiting authors - there really is something for everyone. And if you can't make it to the event, just send us an email or give us a call and we can get a book signed for you - no problem!


The Find Waldo Local Campaign begins on Monday, July 1, at White Birch Books and the White Mountain Independents, a network of locally owned and operated stores in the Mt. Washington Valley. The event, sponsored by Candlewick Press, leads participants on a scavenger hunt through their towns’ business districts on a search for the elusive, red-and-white-stripe wearing picture book character.

This year, as in the past, shoppers who spot Waldo at participating local owned businesses in July become eligible for prizes throughout the month and when they turn in their cards to the bookstore. The celebration then concludes with a closing ceremony or wrap-up party at White Birch Books at the end of the month. Participants will get a “bingo” card with all of the participating businesses listed and can get started from the bookstore on July 1st.

Once we get closer to July 1st we will start listing all of our fellow businesses on our website and FB page or just look for the White Mountain Independent blue flags while driving around the valley. We will be posting photos of where Waldo is in town on our Facebook and Instagram throughout the month. It’s a great way to visit some of our local businesses in a really fun way!

Where We Spend Shapes Where We Live—SHOP LOCAL!
Zen on the Trail: Hiking as Pilgrimage  

Discussing Zen on the Trail: Hiking as Pilgrimage

Thursday, August 15, 6 p.m. at White Birch Books

Zen on the Trail draws on the author’s expertise in Zen, global pilgrimage traditions, and backpacking to offer an approach to hiking—and, more generally, all forms of walking in nature—as a form of pilgrimage, as a spiritual practice that can deepen one’s connection to nature, both in the woods and back at home.

The manuscript is organized around a two-day backpacking trip in the White Mountains, and it draws from anthropologist Victor Turner’s theory of pilgrimage as consisting of three stages: separation from ordinary social life, liminality, and return to society.  In addition to describing Buddhist contemplative practices on the trail and an array of pilgrimage traditions around the world, Zen on the Trail highlights lessons that can be brought home from the trail and offers reflections on pilgrimage in a broad sense.  In particular, it describes how one can wake up in nature as nature.

This book will attract the attention of not only those who venture out into nature but anyone who is interested in meditation, pilgrimage, sacred mountains, Asian approaches to nature, and simpler, more mindful ways of living.

Christopher Ives is Professor of Religious Studies at Stonehill College. In his scholarship he focuses on ethics in Zen Buddhism, and currently he is working on Buddhist approaches to nature and environmental issues. He currently lives in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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Discussing Hermit: The Mysterious Life of Jim Whyte   AUTHOR AFTERNOON with JEFFREY RYAN
Discussing Hermit: The Mysterious Life of Jim Whyte

Saturday, September 7, 3 p.m. at White Birch Books

Based on a true story, Hermit, by Maine author and historian Jeffrey Ryan, weaves a tale almost too fantastic to be believed.

When Jim Whyte settled outside the slate mining town of Monson, Maine in 1895, people hardly knew what to make of him. Almost 130 years later, we still don’t. A world traveler that spoke six languages fluently, Whyte came to town with sacks full of money and a fierce desire to keep to himself. It was clear that Whyte was hiding from something—enough to make even the FBI eventually come looking. But even the Feds couldn’t imagine how Whyte, who lost every penny he had when WWI broke out, amassed another fortune before he died. Based on the true story, Hermit follows one man’s quest to discover all he can about Whyte’s secret life before it’s too late.

Author, speaker, photographer and avid hiker Jeff Ryan was born and raised in Maine. His previous books include, Appalachian Odyssey: A 28-Year Hike on America’s Trail and Blazing Ahead: Benton MacKaye, Myron Avery and the Rivalry that Built the Appalachian Trail. When he isn’t writing, researching, hiking or speaking at various venues, Ryan travels North America in his vintage 1985 VW camper.

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