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Jess’s October Staff Pick: The Invisible Life of Addie Larue

I savored this like a glass of my favorite red wine and strolled through its pages in an attempt to slow time down so I’d never have to finish it.


Addie is terrified to realize that she is being set up in an arranged marriage she doesn’t want. Desperate, she runs to the woods on the eve of her wedding and beseeches the old gods to help her. Unbeknownst to Addie, the sun dips below the horizon, and she accidentally makes a deal with a powerful demon who grants her the gift of immortality but the curse of being forgotten by anyone she meets. However, three hundreds years into her curse, Addie stumbles upon a boy in a New York City bookstore who finally remembers her name. A boy whose past is almost as mysterious and tragic as Addie’s.

This book makes you want to leave a mark on the world desperately. It makes you want to travel, to breathe in new air in new places, to open your heart fully to people, it makes you want to dance in the rain and laugh with a stranger, it makes you want to take great big gulps of life. And perhaps most importantly, it makes you want to hold onto hope and joy, even in times of great despair.


Barbara’s September Staff Pick: THE EXILES

Historic fiction from London jail to servitude in early settling of Australia- by women. Also a story of colonization of Aboriginal peoples.

Jess’s September Staff Pick: A DEADLY EDUCATION

Naomi Novik has done it again with her new series that is a Harry Potter/ Ninth House chimaera!


A DEADLY EDUCATION follows Galadriel, a.k.a. El, as she tries to survive as a loner at a notoriously deadly magic school and fights her natural affinity for powerful dark magic. However, her social sphere is changed forever when she is the unfortunate recipient of Chosen One Orion Lake’s attention after he saves her from one of the maleficaries that lurk around every corner, plotting to devour every student they can get their tentacles on.

This book balances danger and humor on a knife’s edge, with snark and sarcasm and terrifying monsters who feast on the flesh and souls of freshman wizards. With a diverse cast and a cutting dialogue on class and privilege, A DEADLY EDUCATION aims to show the dark side of Hogwarts and put the spotlight on a biracial multilingual girl who is shockingly powerful.