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Welcome to the Holiday Book Group! This is our combined November/December meeting where we quickly discuss a book, share some yummy food, do a Yankee Swap with a favorite book, maybe get some holiday shopping done, and just have a grand old time. So here we go – first off, the evening begins at 6 p.m. because it is such a big night. We will be discussing The Thursday Night Murder Club by Richard Osman. I know it sounds more like a mystery, but it is great fun – a quartet of pensioners in a retirement community pool their many resources to solve cold cases – or at least they did until a body shows up right on their doorstep. For fun, we can also cast the TV series that HAS to be in production!

After our discussion, we’ll start the swap. Everyone is asked to bring a favorite book – new, used, audio, whatever! It needs to be wrapped. We’ll decide the order and the swap begins. As the books are chosen, the person who brought the book will tell everyone why they loved it and the recipient can decide to keep it or swap it. This is great fun and a time to learn about a lot of wonderful books.

The final thing we have to do is select the next couple books for the new year. Typically, we choose a big book for January because we have a LONG time to read it before our next meeting.

And a final note, this is the only book group where we do have food and drink. The bookstore will provide pizza, but everyone is encouraged, but not required, to bring snack, appetizers, desserts or drink. Any questions, just let us know!!

Event Date & Time
December 2, 2021 at 6:00 pm
Event Venue
White Birch Books