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Meet author JOHN HOULE at Cathedral Ledge Distillery

The King-Makers of Providence by John Houle

Politics, drama and whiskey. Or maybe whiskey, drama and politics? Whichever order you put it in, this is sure to be a fun night with author John Houle who has taken the advice – write what you know – and turned it into The King-Makers of Providence.

This is a story of Providence politics with rumors of extortion and embezzlement, shady characters, ill-gotten gains, less-than-scrupulous shenanigans, and many shadowy players. Ex-lawyer and campaign wizard Henry Mercurio is trying to make a name for himself in the middle of this mess. But as he puts everything on the line, will the people he loves remain with him, or will he lose it all while he walks the tightrope between devious righteousness and moral corruption?

John Houle is the founder of JH Communications, LLC, and has successfully managed numerous private and political campaigns since 2002. He presently represents over 75 clients across a wide spectrum of industries, and in 2022, rebranded his company as Main St. Media to reflect his commitment to help small business post pandemic. This is his first novel.

Event Date & Time
June 15, 2023 at 5:30 pm
Event Venue
Cathedral Ledge Distillery

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John Houle